Inca Trail Equipment List


Inca Trail Equipment Equipment for inca trail or orthers treks so really important for the treks, As any hiker knows, good equipment makes all the difference on the trail, and that is why we use North Face Mountain tents, Eureka and Doite ,Therm-a-Rest mattresses, air pillows and other high quality cooking supplies and kitchen gear.

Inca trail Explore Adventures equipment


For sleep,We use innovative equipment such as an igloo, waterproof, spacious tents, camping equipment specialized for high mountain treks, in excellent condition.

We are equipped with the following brands / models:

  • Eureka Timberline Outfitter 4 / SQ Outfitter 4: 3-season, double occupancy
  • Eureka Timberline 2XT, SQ 2XT: 3-season, single occupancy
  • Eureka K2XT: 4-season, double & single occupancy
  • The North Face VE25: 4-season, double & single occupancy

The perfect trekking tents for your adventure

Inca trail  Explore camping equipment tents

The dinning tent is used as our meeting room at mealtime, -(breakfast, lunch, teatime, and dinner). We also take advantage to have pleasant conversations before and after our meals.The dinning tent, the interior  room includes tables and chairs with two doors on each side, which will be adapted according to the day’s weather (sunny days, windy days and rainy days).


This equipment makes your walking trails safe and makes sure that you rest very tranquil at night.Quality equipment and comfortable campsites,We also provide camping chairs and tables for dining and resting.

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Our Treks: Ancascocha Trek – Moonstone Trek – Huchuy Qosqo Trek – Salkantay Trek – Lares Llama TrekAusangate Trek – Choquequirao Trek  

Optional Tours / Activities : City tour, Sacred Valley , Extreme Sports Cusco, Off the Beaten Track tours.


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