Ancascocha Trek & Inca Trail 7 Days

 The 7 Day Ancascocha Trail offers to hikers the chance to enjoy a mix of both the Ancascocha Trek and the Inca Trail .This route leads us through a range of ecological and bio geographical zones, therefore a wide variety of scenery. The 7 Day Ancascocha Trail offers tourists the chance to enjoy a mix of both the Ancascocha Trek as one of National

Geographic’s 20 Dream Hikes on their World’s Best Hikes list.  The Ancascocha Trek the route diverges just before Huayanay Pass and instead goes over the Huayanay Pass  which leads you down to the Inca ruins of Paucarcamcha wich is near of Wayllabamba village where you join the Inca Trail and continue on to Machu Picchu via the Sun Gate.



BRIEFING: The day before the trek, you will meet with your trekking guide at our EXPLORE ADVENTURES office and meet all the members of your group. Your guide will explain to you about the trek, route and all the necessary recommendations will be provided to you. This will take approximately 40 minutes, where you will receive your duffel bags that will be carried by horses along the trail.


Day 1 – Cusco – Soqma – Rayan
Day 2 – Rayan – Ancashcocha
Day 3 – Ancascocha – Paucarcancha
Day 4 – Paucarcancha – Llulluchapampa
Day 5 – Llulluchapampa – Chaquicocha
Day 6 – Chaquicocha – Wiñay Wayna
Day 7 – Wiñay Wayna – Machu Picchu – Cusco

Distance Trekked: approximately 35 miles
Beginning altitude: 2,850 m / 12,477 ft
Maximum altitude: 4,650 m / 16,000 feet

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