Choquequirao to Machu picchu Trek 8 days - Best in Travel 2017 (Lonely Planet).

Choquequirao Machu Picchu 8 daysBest in Travel 2017 (Lonely Planet). Choquequirao Trek to machu picchu 8 days  - Brilliant Inca Trail Alternative Route. Choquequirao or Choquekiraw means "Cradle of Gold" in Quechua Inca´s language, although this is probably not its original name. It is another "Lost City of the Incas" rediscovered officially late in 20th century located high on a ridge spur almost 1750 mts above the raging glacier-fed

Apurimac River and surrounded by towering Salkantay and Humantay snow-capped peaks. Choquequirao was build during the last days of the Inca empire in the government of the Inca Pachacutec 1490, by Tupac Inca Yapanqui, and probably after the Spanish invasion in 1532. Almost 40 years the Inca's held stand against the spanish conquerors (between 1536 - 1572). The construction of the different levels of temples, palaces, canals and aqueducts is really fantastic. "Choquequirao is the city which demonstrates the inspiring example of an elite Inca ceremonial center. A city dedicated to worship the “Pachamama” the andean mother earth “the Apus” mountain gods and divinities, the river and the elements of nature." Choquequirao finally burned down and left deserted. This happened probably after the execution of the last Inca, Tupac Amaru I in 1572.

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BRIEFING:  The day before the trek, you will meet with your guide and meet all the members of your expedition group. Your guide will explain to you about the trek, route, and all the necessary recommendations will be provided to you according to the trekking season you choose. This briefing will take approximately 40 minutes, where you will receive your duffel bags that will be carried by the porters along the trail.

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