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Explore Adventures Peru - Proud  to be Quechuas!!!

We've had the pleasure of guiding thousands of happy travelers on outdoor adventures and hiking trips all over the Cusco region.  We always believed that 'EXPLORE ADVENTURES' can make the difference between 'visiting' vs. really 'experiencing' our destinations.  We are determined that our treks should not be your average adventure tour package, but something rather more special.  Our founder's original idea of taking people on outdoor adventures that challenges them a bit, rewards them a lot, and allows them to experience a place, is the heart of everything we do at EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU S.R.L.

EXPLORE ADVENTURES PER S.R.L is the best Inca Trail tour Local Operator , licensed trek and tour agency based in Cusco, Peru. We have been one of Peru’s leading tours to Machu Picchu , servicing tourists from all over the world. We are a 100% locally owned and operated company.  EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU offers an assortment of adventurous treks and exciting tour packages in Peru, specially designed to appeal to most visitors' budgets that doesn't have a negative impact on the environment or adversely affect local communities. EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU employees are local, Peruvian people. We work to invest in our own country and develop social work to offer our people a better lifestyle and provide opportunities to keep growing. This is the main difference between local companies and foreign companies and associated companies. Join us for the time of your life in Peru. 



All our treks are strictly operated only by EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU very professional staff. Other agents claiming daily departures operate their treks together with other companies in service rotation without your knowledge. EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU offers quality service and has an excellent reputation that is only possible by ensuring that only EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU staff operates its treks.

  • We treat our staff, including chefs, porters and wranglers with the utmost respect and fairness. EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU not only complies with the Porter Law and Regulation, but our wages are over the minimum requested by law and above the average pay by most tour operators. Furthermore, all our staff eats well and more than enough, and they are provided with all the required camping equipment needed for their duties during the trek. We also cover them with travelers insurance. We carefully choose the best professional guides for our clients, and our guides work exclusively for EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU. They are highly trained, have excellent language proficiency, communication skills, culturally aware and are regularly evaluated by the trip reports each guest fills in after each service. We have expert guides for special requests (ornithology, history and archaeology, flora and fauna and also generalist guides). All our guides have been trained in advanced first aid by certified doctors in Peru.  On all of our treks, not only on the Inca Trail, there will be a guide for every 8 guests. The head guide will ensure the utmost safety to our guests by providing them undivided attention.
  • We use innovative equipment such as an igloo, waterproof, spacious tents, camping equipment specialized for high mountain treks, such as Vaude, Eureka and Doite tents. Each tent has a capacity for 3 people, but are used only for 2 people. To bring you more comfort, a synthetic mattress, a kitchen tent manned by professional cooking staff, a dining tent, camping chairs, and a camping table will also be provided.    
  • We have one of the most outstanding meal services in the field: Our chefs have been highly trained by several institutes in Lima and Cusco. You should be prepared to not only have a superb trekking experience, but also a culinary one, including generous and delicious breakfasts, snacks, lunches, tea services and dinners. Our delectable menus include a variety of Peruvian and international food and also cater for vegetarian and other dietary needs at no extra cost. EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU is recognized for its buffet meals, the quantity and quality of food, and its freshness.   
  • EXPLORE ADVENTURES  performs responsibly, making sure to cause minimal impact on the environment of the natural protected areas where it operates. We train all our staff on our environment policy and most importantly, all trash produced during the trek returns to Cusco.    
  • We pay legal taxes (19% IGV or consumption tax) on all services contributing to the country’s growth and development. Further to this, we pay a 30% tax on all earnings. There are many tour operators who do not pay taxes and do not declare their sales nor most of their earnings, or they declare them with a lower value, giving them the possibility of lowering their prices causing unfair, illegal competition.   
  • Our Group Services have a maximum group size of 8. Most tour operators work with a maximum of 16 on the Inca Trail, since this is authorized by law, or even higher on other trekking routes. We have established 8 as a maximum since this increases the quality of our service, as there are definitely spots along the treks where being 16 makes it impossible to provide a personalized service and explanation.   
  • Our superb treatment of our staff is not reduced in the low season: porter and chef wages are maintained, same as guide fees. This is something highly appreciated by our staff, since some operators prefer to decrease their prices and wages as they know that they do not have as much demand for work as in the high season. In essence, we maintain salaries all year around as the work remains the same.   
  • Finally, EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU strives to provide top quality service to its clientele and will continue to listen to their comments on how to improve our services and take it to a higher level. Our clients are extremely satisfied as our numerous testimonials prove. Please read their trip reports on the testimonials section of our website and also on Tripadvisor. We are aware that other operators may offer the Inca Trail or other programs at a lower price. This does not mean they are offering the same program at a lower price: the level of service will not be the same. We understand price is definitely a deciding factor but we kindly request our potential guests and clients to choose a responsible tour operator. Otherwise, you risk the chance of indirectly promoting the exploitation of rural communities and the growth of informal and illegal operators that do not build on the country’s development and growth.  Our goal is to guarantee your safety and to show you a fabulous, memorable time in Peru!!!  You are not just clients that we meet briefly, but our dear friends who come a long way to share our culture and history!!! 



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