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Inca Trail Explore Adventures Peru

Inca Trail Explore Adventures PeruWe've had the pleasure of guiding thousands of happy travelers on outdoor adventures and hiking trips all over the Cusco region.  We always believed that 'EXPLORE ADVENTURES' can make the difference between 'visiting' vs. really 'experiencing' our destinations.  We are determined that our treks should not be your average adventure tour package, but something rather more special.  Our founder's original idea of taking people on outdoor adventures that challenges them a bit, rewards them a lot, and allows them to experience a place, is the heart of everything we do at EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU S.R.L.

Explore Adventures Peru local Inca Trail OperatorEXPLORE ADVENTURES PER S.R.L is the best Inca Trail tour Local Operator , licensed trek and tour agency based in Cusco, Peru. We have been one of Peru’s leading tours to Machu Picchu , servicing tourists from all over the world. We are a 100% locally owned and operated company.  EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU offers an assortment of adventurous treks and exciting tour packages in Peru, specially designed to appeal to most visitors' budgets that doesn't have a negative impact on the environment or adversely affect local communities. EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU employees are local, Peruvian people. We work to invest in our own country and develop social work to offer our people a better lifestyle and provide opportunities to keep growing. This is the main difference between local companies and foreign companies and associated companies. Join us for the time of your life in Peru. 

Our Company Licences:

Licenced Inca Trail Explore Adventures - Travel Agency      Inca Trail Licenced Operator



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