EXPLORE ADVENTURES have the best tour guides in Cusco .We treat our staff, including chefs, porters and wranglers with the utmost respect and fairness.  EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU, not only complies with the Porter Law and Regulation, but our wages are over the minimum requested by law and above the average pay by most tour operators. Furthermore, all our staff eats well and more than enough, and they are provided with all the required camping equipment needed for their duties during the trek. We also cover them with travelers insurance. We carefully choose the best professional guides for our clients, and our guides work exclusively for EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU. They are highly trained, have excellent language proficiency, communication skills, culturally aware and are regularly evaluated by the trip reports each guest fills in after each service. We have expert guides for special requests (ornithology, history and archaeology, flora and fauna and also generalist guides). All our guides have been trained in advanced first aid by certified Doctors in Peru.  On all of our treks, not only on the Inca Trail, there will be a guide for every 8 guests.


OUR PORTERS : More than 200 porters from Patabamba, Chupani, Pampallaqta, Qaqllapata,  Yanahuara, Paru Paru, Chincheros, Wayllabamba "Hard workers, honest and cheerful guys". " The porters were exceptionally hard working and always kind and helpful, … the porters were incredible. They’re carrying 20 kls on their backs and running past us like supermen. And the food was gourmet. Not the dry, yucky macaroni most campers eat, but real veggies, chicken soup, pasta, the works. They even made a birthday cake for my friend. And the service was impeccable. Little things like giving each person a bucket of hot clean water and soap to wash your face, arms, and legs at every rest stop makes a huge difference when you’re hot and sweaty, .... The care that was provided by our porters at EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU ,enabled us to overcome the altitude sickness and exhaustion and enjoy the spectacular trail and ruins; left to our own devices, we would have been absolutely miserable, and I highly doubt we would have made it to Machu Picchu. I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for everyone who helped create this amazing experience and who shared the history, culture, and beauty of the Inca Trail and those who created it. This experience changed my life, and I will never forget the hike or the wonderful people we met along the way. "


Our Treks: Ancascocha Trek – Moonstone Trek – Huchuy Qosqo Trek – Salkantay Trek – Lares Llama Trek – Ausangate Trek – Choquequirao Trek

Optional Tours / Activities : City tour, Sacred Valley Extreme Sports CuscoOff the Beaten Track tours.


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