Social and environmental commitment: We work to make your trip, as well as safe and fun, overall responsible and conscious.EXPLORE ADVENTURES Peru promote the welfare of communities we work with, choosing local suppliers with a strong commitment to the environment, organizing our logistics field to produce the least possible environmental impact, using solar products and recycling our waste after each outgoing. At the moment we are in a development process to accomplish the requirements of certain certifications.For this reason and in order to deliver this message, we created EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU GREEN. 

When travelling with us you are giving support to organizations that conserve natural resources, protect the flora and wildlife and contribute to the welfare of local communities.

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Our Treks: Ancascocha Trek – Moonstone Trek – Huchuy Qosqo Trek – Salkantay Trek – Lares Llama TrekAusangate Trek – Choquequirao Trek  

Optional Tours / Activities : City tour, Sacred Valley , Extreme Sports Cusco, Off the Beaten Track tours.


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