Inca Trail Hiking Gear

Inca Trail Gear Packing List 

Inca Trail & Alternative & Adventure Trek to MachuPicchu Packing Check LIST

During the Alternatuve Trek or Inca Trail to Machu Picchu your main luggage will be stored in Cuzco at your hotel or free storage in our office and you will receive a small duffle bag at your trek briefing (which will be help briefing day before you start the trek) to pack clothes and sleeping bag for 3-4 days.

Gear Checklist

Provided Gear


Cooking and eating utensils while camping
Sleeping pad (you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer)
Duffel bag, medium-size (used while trekking, approximately 65 liter)
Official Papers

Valid passport
Airline tickets


  • Luggage, one piece, wheels and handle ok
    Daypack 2000 cu. in. to carry your camera, water bottles, extra clothing
    Luggage tags and luggage locks
    Passport pouch or money pouch

Camping Gear

Sleeping bag with stuff sack (rated to 10°-20°F)


PASSPORT: You MUST take your passport and a photocopy is not sufficient. (Keep it in a plastic bag in case of rain).

City Clothing

Bring a few lightweight, easily washable items for travel and daily wear when not trekking


  • Midweight fleece or wool sweater
    Fleece pants or tights
    Midweight thermal underwear tops and bottom, synthetic or wool
    Hiking pants
    Hiking shorts
    Long-sleeve shirts
    Casual socks
    Hiking socks
    Liner socks, synthetic

Clothing Accessories

  • Sun hat
    Wool or fleece hat
    Wool or fleece gloves


  • Rain jacket, waterproof and breathable
    Rain or wind pants, waterproof and breathable. Side-zip pants are highly recommended.
    Insulated jacket, down or synthetic


  • Sturdy hiking boots, waterproof, lightweight, broken-in, aggressive tread
    Camp shoes such as tennis shoes or sandals or other comfortable footwear for use in town and/or campsites

Travel Accessories

  • 2 one-quart water bottle(s) or hydration system
    Flashlight or headlamp and spare batteries/bulb
    Watch with alarm or travel clock
    1 roll of toilet paper
    Sunglasses and retainer strap
    Sunblock and lip balm

Toiletry kit

  • Small washcloth and small towel
    Baby wipes
    Personal first-aid kit
    Hand sanitizer gel
    Insect repellent
    Several Ziploc plastic bags
    Large, heavy-duty plastic trash bags

Optional Field Gear

  • Camera, spare media card and batteries
    Electrical adapter plug
    Spare contact lenses or glasses
    Reading and writing materials
    Sewing kit
    Knee supports
    Travel pillow
    Hiking stick or trekking poles (metal tips not allowed on Inca Trail; points must be rubber or covered with duct tape.)
    Favorite energy snacks and drinks.

Why is so really important wearing good Treking shoes for Inca Trail,

Inca trail is one of the famous trek there many stairs up and dow and wearing proper walking shoes is a fundamental element in maintaining the correct walking technique as well as preventing injury.  we recomemded wearing two kind of hiking boots.

Hiking shoes ,low-cut models with flexible midsoles are excellent for day hiking.Many ultralight backpackers may even choose trail-running shoes for long-distance journeys.

Hiking boots , these range from mid-or hight cut models intended for day hikes or weekend backpacking trips with light loads they often flex easily and require little break-in time, but they lack the support and durability of stout backpacking boots.

Trekking Pants,

Trekking T-shirt,

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