The Lares Adventure 4-day/3-night cultural exploration to Machu Picchu with Hot springs.This is one of the best ANDEAN TREKS , It passes through indigenous villages where we can learn a bit about the lifestyles of the local people who still practice the ancient Inkan traditions. , where we will have impressive view

points of the snowy mountain peaks and many beautiful lakes. If you prefer to stay off the beaten track here is the best trekking to remove hight andean communities. We will camp close to in order to be able to observe and appreciate the art and the textile that is conserved by theses communities.

Discover the you you never knew...

Discover yourself in Peru


BRIEFING: The day before the trek, you will meet with your trekking guide at our EXPLORE ADVENTURES PERU office and meet all the members of your group. Your guide will explain to you about the trek, route and all the necessary recommendations will be provided to you. This will take approximately 40 minutes, where you will receive your duffel bags that will be carried by the horses along the tail.

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